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Surgical Dermatologists in Washington DC

Surgical Dermatologists in Washington DC

Melanoma Treatments in Washington DC area

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S.  At Braun Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, we prioritize early detection and effective precise surgical techniques.

The importance of early detection

For melanoma, early detection is the key to surviving the disease.  When caught at an early stage, melanoma is highly curable with surgery alone.  However, delay in diagnosis can allow melanoma to become invasive and spread to other parts of the body.  While there are many new treatments for more advanced melanoma, the prognosis is not favorable once metastasis has occurred.

Your skin is in good hands with the board-certified dermatologists at Braun Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center.  As dermatologists with special interest in skin cancer, they perform thorough skin exams in order to identify cancers accurately and early (when they’re easiest to treat).  The dermatologists at our practice develop treatment plans that are tailored to each patient and each cancer. There are numerous treatments and approaches to skin cancer at Braun Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center.  Your dermatologist will discuss which treatment approach is right for you. Both Dr. Marisa Braun and Dr. Martin Braun are fellowship-trained in the gold standard treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers on the face: Mohs Micrographic Surgery. Mohs surgery is also used on other parts of the body for large or more aggressive subtypes of non-melanoma skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma).

Preventive techniques, detection you can depend on

Preventive techniques, detection you can depend on Washington DC area

Every person is vulnerable to melanoma. When skin is exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays or artificial sources like tanning beds, your skin cell’s DNA becomes damaged from this UV radiation.  Melanocytes respond to this UV by producing melanin pigment. Increased melanin shows up as darker skin. So, a tan is the body’s way of trying to protect itself and is a sign of sun damage. In other words, there is no safe suntan. If you must have a bronzed look, reach for an array of sunless tanning products – from cosmetics to tanning wipes, lotions, and sprays, no harmful ultraviolet light required to darken the skin!

Healthy skin is great-looking skin, free of brown spots or hyperpigmentation, visible blood vessels, and other signs of aging. A few rules to live by (year-round, not just during the height of the summer):

  • Cover your skin with protective clothing, a hat and sunglasses
  • Slather on a broad-spectrum, UVA-UVB sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 50.
  • Seek the shade
  • Be vigilant in reapplying sunscreen when you’re outside for longer than two hours, or when swimming and sweating. Wear swim shirts or rash guards when at the beach.
  • Limiting or avoiding exposure to the sun’s rays during peak hours (mid-morning to mid-afternoon) is also a good policy.

At Braun Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center, our specialists thoroughly examine your skin to identify lesions that could be cancerous.  When a suspicious mole or lesion is identified during your exam, a biopsy is typically recommended and only takes a few minutes at the end of the skin check.

The Braun team also encourages regular self-checks. Look for asymmetrical spots, and multi-colored, unevenly bordered areas. Moles that are changing can be red flags. Skin cancer can appear as a pink, red, brown or skin colored spot and can sometimes be challenging to identify. If you have a new or changing spot on your skin, please contact our office for an appointment.  Contact  202-816-7557   right away to schedule an appointment at the Foggy Bottom office or, if the Alexandria location is better for you, call 571-449-2555.

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There is no substitute for trained eyes. Our dermatologists are experienced at examining and detecting melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancers, especially in commonly overlooked areas or spots that are hard to properly see without assistance (including the back, feet, calves, and scalp). Additional high-magnification instruments, such as a dermatoscope, aid in seeing skin structures and determine if an area warrants being biopsied for further analysis. Our skin cancer center has the onsite capabilities to evaluate and treat all kinds of pre-cancers and cancerous growths, which adds to your peace of mind and minimizes stress during uncertain and challenging times.

Braun Dermatology Team

Braun Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

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Dr. Marisa Braun is a board-certified specialist in Dermatology and has a specific interest in skin cancer. She graduated from Princeton University, University of Maryland and completed her residency at George Washington University.

She is skilled in several dermatology related treatment procedures and Mohs Surgery whilst undertaking neurotoxins and fillers, micro-needling, laser and IPL treatment along with cosmetic mole removal procedures.

Dr. Braun is also a prestigious member of the Women's Dermatologic Society and American Academy of Dermatology amongst many others.
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Washington, DC
202-816-7557 (New Patients)
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571-449-2555 (New Patients)
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