The Science of Skin Transformation Laser Dermatology

There was a time when medical dermatology relied heavily on pharmacological and surgical techniques, and aesthetic skin care was in its infancy. The introduction of lasers and other devices has dramatically changed modern dermatology practice. The team of professionals at Braun Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center utilize lasers and other devices for many aspects of treatment, to provide comfortable, effective, minimally-invasive care for patients in Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA.

Laser and Devices offered at Braun Dermatology:

Intense Pulsed light

Our most popular device is used for treating sun damage, rosacea and blood vessels, acne, and collagen stimulation.


This laser is the gold standard in treating blood vessels, flushing, and rosacea, as well as pink scars.


Lifts and tightens skin with essentially no downtime. It uses ultrasound energy to tighten the skin at different depths.


A ground-breaking device that combines micro-needling and radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen. Excellent for wrinkles around the mouth, neck laxity, active acne, and acne scarring.


Freezes stubborn pockets of fat, such as “double chins,” “love handles” and “muffin tops”


Immediately and permanently reduces underarm sweating, odor, and hair growth

Braun Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center brings contemporary laser therapies and surgical options to patients in the Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA area. Call 202-816-7557 or 571-449-2555 to schedule a consultation.

Contemporary Laser Therapies And Surgical Options

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Braun Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center is a highly respected dermatology practice with offices in Washington, DC, and Alexandria, VA. With over 30 years of experience in the community, the practice provides comprehensive dermatology services, including cutting-edge skin cancer diagnosis and treatment and advanced cosmetic and medical dermatology services.

Braun Dermatology is home to a team of highly qualified, experienced providers, including board-certified dermatologists, physician assistants, and master estheticians. Every team member relies on advanced training and expertise to provide optimal care. Patients in and around Washington, DC, and Alexandria, VA, trust Braun Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center for their reliable, evidence-based approach to dermatology.